Portland’s Abraham Hyatt joins leading tech blog ReadWriteWeb as production editor

Abraham Hyatt known around these parts as a former managing editor at Oregon Business Magazine and the guy behind Digital Journalism Portland has joined the ReadWriteWeb team as the production editor.

Now if I had to pick my favorite tech blog, it would have to be ReadWriteWeb. Not just because I used to work there. And not only because they’ve got some amazing talent on board. But because ReadWriteWeb is the most Portland-y tech blog around. What with Marshall Kirkpatrick, Frederic Lardinois, and Alex H. Williams.

And now, there’s another Portland type in the mix. Abraham Hyatt—known around these parts as a former managing editor at Oregon Business Magazine and the guy behind the Digital Journalism Portland camp and meetups—has joined the ReadWriteWeb team as the production editor.

I have no doubt that Abraham will make a compelling addition to any already strong blogging team. And if you don’t believe me, just ask the people with whom he’s going to be working.

“We’re excited to have found Abraham to join the ReadWriteWeb team, making him our 4th Portlander currently on the team,” said Marshall Kirkpatrick, Vice President of Content Development and Lead Writer at RWW. “Abraham seems like a very qualified, intelligent, communicative and humble person that I look forward to building our publishing company with.”

Marshall also notes, “We’ve assured candidates that living in Portland is not a requirement [of working for ReadWriteWeb].”

I don’t know. Maybe it should be? But I digress.

So how does Abraham—arguably a very “traditional journalist” who has been blazing new trails in the world of digital journalism—feel about the new gig?

“Everywhere I’ve worked before this measured news in days or weeks or months. RWW measures it in seconds,” said Abraham. “I’m looking forward to having my mind blown by operating at the speed of news, not the speed of a printing press.”

And what does this mean to Abraham’s other pursuits with digital journalism? If anything, this new gig will enhance his perspective. And strengthen Digital Journalism Portland as a whole.

“What I hope is that this job helps brings another perspective to the conversation,” said Abraham. “I’m not just biased when I say that RWW is essentially the type of model that everyone in the so-called traditional media is looking towards. The site produces high-quality journalism. It’s lean, nimble and successful. God knows those are attributes other news organization in Portland are aspiring to. It’s going to be a good perspective to have at the social hours and conferences.”

(For more of his thoughts on this topic, listen to a recent episode of Crazy Talk where Abraham and Dr. Normal talked about the future of journalism.)

As awesome as RWW already is, I can guarantee that Abraham is only going to make it, um, awesomer.

Yeesh. I could use an editor. Or three.

Best of luck to Abraham and all of the folks at ReadWriteWeb.

(Image courtesy Aaron Hockley. Used under Creative Commons. And hat tip Aaron Hockley for recommending the post.)

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  2. Congrats to RWW for a smart grab and to Abraham for joining a great team.

  3. RWW is gaining an incredibly talented, thoughtful, and innovative asset in Abraham. I should be merely a blip on his radar, but he has always made time out for me whenever I needed someone to discuss the direction I should be taking Reading Local. And his advice has proved incredibly beneficial.

    I’m a big fan of RWW, but now I have an added incentive to keep tabs on this great site. Congrats to Abraham, and to RWW for having the foresight to bring him on board!

  4. Thanks Rick and welcome to the team, Abraham! We’re totally stoked to have you join us.

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