WordCamp Portland: Aaron Hockley hands off the organizational reins to Morgan Senkal

After two years of running the show, Aaron Hockley is handing off the management of WordCamp Portland 2010 to Morgan Senkal.

It’s no secret that we here in Portland love the camps. Camps here. Camps there. Camp camp campity camp. And you might have also heard, we’ve also got a bit of a soft spot for that whole blogging thing.

So it comes as little surprise that a camp focused on a blogging platform—WordCamp Portland, a gathering of WordPress fans—does really well around here. So well in fact, that after two years of running the show, Aaron Hockley is ready to take a little breather, so he’s handing off the management of WordCamp Portland 2010 to Morgan Senkal.

Now, I’m not naming any names, but it’s been said by someone who works for Automattic—the company that facilitates the development and maintenance of the WordPress platform—that the last WordCamp Portland was the best WordCamp, ever. (No. It wasn’t Matt.) And I’m going to choose to believe that rumor. Because it was.

So those are some big shoes to fill. Or reins to take. Or something. But Hockley is confident in his choice.

[Hockley writes] I’m pleased to announce that Morgan Senkal (aka @morganpdx) will be assuming the leadership of this year’s WordCamp Portland event. Morgan brings a great mix of technical and event experience to the role, and I know she’ll do a great job to continue the tradition of awesome WordCamp events in Portland.

And Hockley’s confidence is well placed, for sure. You see, you may know Morgan from such other hits as “being a quintessential component of organizing Ignite Portland” and “deftly managing the insanity that was the variety show for 30 hour day (as well as co-hosting the most-watched segment),” among other things.

“I’m thrilled and excited to be heading up WordCamp Portland 2010,” said Morgan via email. “I have great love for the WordPress platform, the community that it supports and the freedom of expression it enables. The PDX blogging community is made up of some of the most amazing people I’ve met, and I have every confidence that with their support the next WordCamp will be as great as the last one!”

I can’t wait for September to see what Morgan puts together. One thing is for sure: it’s going to be good.

For more information on the event, visit WordCamp Portland. For more details on the transition, read the post announcing Morgan’s new role.


  1. Thanks everyone! I’m super de duper excited! Plus you’re all gonna help me right?


  2. Great choice Aaron, 2010 WordCamp Portland attendees are lucky to have you Morgan!

  3. I can’t think of a more appropriate choice! Congrats, Morgan honey!


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