Month: August 2010

If your stuff gets stolen, wouldn’t you rather track all of the culprits from one GadgetTrak dashboard?

It’s fairly safe to assume that—in a day and age of handheld electronics—if a thief happens to make off with your belongings, the culprit is likely to nab multiple pieces of technology at once. And that can make tracking and recovering them even more challenging.

It could, that is, until now. If you’ve got ActiveTrak’s GadgetTrak 3, I mean. Read More

Slate Technologies to Host Lunch 2.0 on September 15

About a month ago at Beer and Blog, Chris O’Rourke (@ChrisORourke) came up to me and announced that his company, Slate Technologies, would be hosting the next Lunch 2.0.

If you know Chris, you’re laughing right now because you know this is exactly how it happened.

Chris is a funny guy, and he went on to tell some great stories that you’d only believe if you heard them from him in person. In addition to being the CEO of Slate, Chris has some interesting side jobs and side projects.

So, why come to Lunch 2.0 on September 15 and let Chris and the good people at Slate entertain you?

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