Month: August 2010

Free beer (and job offers) from Wieden + Kennedy at Beer and Blog this week. No word on the Old Spice sample packs.

[HTML1]You’ve just created one of the most talked about advertising campaigns in the history of the Web. What are you going to do?

Well, if you’re Portland advertising powerhouse Wieden + Kennedy, you’re buying beer for folks at Beer and Blog today—and maybe seeing if you can hire some of them on to your digital strategy team. Read More

Can you find the Portland connection in the Class of Twitter HQ?

Did you know that aside from the droves of people around Portland who adore Twitter, our fair city actually has a deeper connection with one of the most popular tools on the Web?

It’s true. What’s more, our Portland connection makes an appearance in the Twitter Class of HQ video. Can you spot that Portland person? Read More

Good [Urban Airship] things come in threes: Push for Android, AirDrop pushes your Android apps, and Glaspey pulls up a chair

[HTML1]Sure, sure. The world of mobile apps is in the midst of a veritable gold rush. It’s a market that has the potential to make individual developers and small businesses rich beyond their wildest dreams.

But just like the original gold rush, there are a few problems with getting to that gold. The primary one is a little problem people are calling “discoverability.” That is, in a world of apps, how do people find yours? The other is retention. Or once they have the app, how do you keep users using it?

Well, Portland’s Urban Airship may have just solved both of those problems—for the Android platform. Read More

Webtrends Apps: Webtrends picks up WYSIWYG Facebook and iPhone app tool Transpond

But it’s not highly likely you think of social or mobile apps. Well, until today. Meet Webtrends Apps, the results of acquiring San Francisco based Transpond.

When you think of Webtrends, you likely think of Web analytics. And that’s no surprise. The Portland-based company has been a leader in the world of Web analytics for more than a decade.

But it’s not highly likely you think of social or mobile apps. Well, until today. Meet Webtrends Apps, the results of acquiring San Francisco based Transpond. Read More

Portland open source, startups, and mobileā€¦ oh my! The all time top 30 posts on Silicon Florist (so far)

So Silicon Florist turned three years old. And in those three years, it has featured more than 1500 posts. But what have you, gentle reader, found most appealing in those three years?

Don’t remember? Well, luckily, through the magic of analytics, we can tell. After taking a gander at the stats throughout Silicon Florist’s existence—both Web traffic and RSS traffic—30 stories bubbled to the top. What were they? Let’s take a look. Read More

Time for big kid pants: Silicon Florist is three years old

Three years ago this week, I got a little fed up. I got frustrated because I kept hearing about cool projects that were taking place in and around Portland, Oregon, but I never saw the traditional media outlets or the tech blogs covering those projects.

“Self?” I said to myself. “Why isn’t there a local blog covering the Web, mobile, and open source startups and events in Portland, Oregon? Why oh why isn’t there?” And then I asked myself a much more dangerous question: “Why don’t you start one?” And that is how Silicon Florist came into being. Read More

Google Wave may have hit low tide, but Portland’s contribution to the project is still a high watermark

As you may have heard via numerous sourcesincluding the Goog itselfdevelopment has been halted on the cryptic and somewhat enigmatic Google Wave. It’s future? Likely sunsetting. Perhaps dedication to open source.

But what was Google Wave? That’s a question that had many of us scratching our heads. Some of us were still scratching our heads. And somehow “the second coming of Lotus Notes” didn’t quite do it justice. But you know what? A little video by a studio with a strong Portland presence did. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for July 2010

Well, summer is finally here. And the weather isn’t the only thing heating up. There’s been a bunch of funding news, job openings, and product releases that have made July anything but slow.

But which posts were the most popular on Silicon Florist during July? Good question. Let’s take a gander at the most viewed posts, according to Web and RSS traffic. Read More

REMINDER: Talk to the Portland Development Commission (PDC) today about the software community and the latest survey results

Just a quick reminder that if you’re in the Portland software community and have some time this afternoon, it would be a great idea to swing by the Portland Development Commission (PDC) to chat about the Portland software community.

During the event, the PDC will reveal the results of the survey they just conducted—the second in a series of surveys of the Portland software community—and discuss those results with attendees. Read More