Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for August 2010

August this year was sweltering. Both in terms of weather and local startup news. But some of the most interesting stories revolved around some of our more regular topics around here: open source and, well, beer.

But those aren’t the only topics that struck your fancy last month. So why not take a couple of minutes to thumb through the most popular stories on Silicon Florist according to the Web and RSS stats for August 2010.

  1. Free beer (and job offers) from Wieden + Kennedy at Beer and Blog this week. No word on the Old Spice sample packs.
  2. On open source and government: An accidental manifesto
  3. Google Wave may have hit low tide, but Portland’s contribution to the project is still a high watermark
  4. Another Portlander plans to revolutionize banking: Bill DeRouchey joins BankSimple
  5. You look like you could use a different job… or maybe a job, period.
  6. Paperbacking Portland geogeeking: Adam DuVander releases Map Scripting 101
  7. Reminder: New Relic Lunch 2.0 is Wednesday
  8. Portland open source, startups, and mobile… oh my! The all time top 30 posts on Silicon Florist (so far)
  9. Time for big kid pants: Silicon Florist is three years old
  10. Webtrends Apps: Webtrends picks up WYSIWYG Facebook and iPhone app tool Transpond

(Image courtesy Jesse Bikman. Used under Creative Commons.)

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