Labor Day weekend means jobs, gigs, and Portland people for hire

It’s the eve of Labor Day weekend. So what better time to think about work? Work work work.

What? No wait! Don’ go running away. I’m not asking you to do work. I’m just taking an opportunity to tell you about the awesome jobs, gigs, and people available on the Silicon Florist Job and Gig board.

So let’s take a look at what’s what.

Want to get your jobs or gigs on this list? Have at it. You can post jobs and gigs to the Silicon Florist board at your convenience. The listings run about two weeks. Pricing starts at $21. Those willing to spend a little more for the premium listing get additional exposure through the Silicon Florist presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Tell you what. You need a little holiday cheer. Even if it’s just Labor Day holiday cheer. So why not use the code “labor” to save 20% on any posting throughout the weekend? See? Now you really want to post, don’t you?

Oh. And if you’re looking for work? You can post your ad for free.

(Image courtesy Rorris. Used under Creative Commons.)