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Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for 2011

I know, I know. You’ve been inundated with a bunch of year-end recaps, 2012 predictions, and top-whatever lists. I’m sorry. But I have to subject you to at least one more. If I don’t, they’ll take my blogging license away.

So, without further ado, here’s what was hot in the Portland, Oregon, startup scene this year, the Top 10 posts from Silicon Florist for 2011 based on Web and RSS traffic. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for July 2011

Well, summer didn’t exactly come blazing into Portland. But the startup news around these parts was still pretty hot. And we had OSCON in town. And some very interesting conversations started.

So let’s take a look at Silicon Florist for July 2011. Here are the stories you and your peers were reading according to RSS and Web traffic. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for September 2010: Beers with BankSimple beats OSCON, Urban Airship more popular than free beer

Yes, let’s that right. It’s time for the latest round of monthly navel gazing. Where we look back at we what read and the popular stories get more popular.

What did September 2010 bring? A scuffle and a free beer or two. Let’s take a look at the most popular posts on Silicon Florist last month, as determined by Web and RSS traffic. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for August 2010

August this year was sweltering. Both in terms of weather and local startup news. But some of the most interesting stories revolved around some of our more regular topics around here: open source and, well, beer.

But those aren’t the only topics that struck your fancy last month. So why not take a couple of minutes to thumb through the most popular stories on Silicon Florist according to the Web and RSS stats for August 2010. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for March 2010

Here are the top 10 posts according to your peers—a combination of Web and RSS metrics—from Silicon Florist for March 2010.

Well March seemed to just fly by. But even as fast as it was, there were some really big stories coming out of Portland and the Silicon Forest.

But what did you think the most important stories were? You might be surprised. Here are the top 10 posts according to your peers—a combination of Web and RSS metrics—from Silicon Florist for March 2010. Read More

Twitalyzer: Top 100 Twitter types in Portland by influence

TwitalyzerPortland-based Twitalyzer has released a new feature that allows users to rank Twitter folks for a demographic region by certain metrics, like influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity, and clout.

How do the Twitter types in Portland fare? Let’s take a look at the listings for today.

Here are the Top 100 Twitter types in Portland based on influence as of about 9:00 AM, today (but it has already changed—yay for dynamic data!):

  1. tweetpenguin
  2. mikeklingler
  3. stephstricklen
  4. chrisguillebeau
  5. fishfire
  6. TheSquare
  7. brampitoyo
  8. caseorganic
  9. emmortal
  10. erictpeterson
  11. theonetruebix
  12. italylogue
  13. atlanta978
  14. turoczy
  15. lynnelle
  16. ethobullion
  17. CarriBugbee
  18. 1080group
  19. SisterDiane
  20. jakks
  21. jkvirtualoffice
  22. matthewrayscott
  23. robsellen
  24. kellyrfeller
  25. lorelleonwp
  26. ravenme
  27. sabrinafina
  28. wendymaynard
  29. xolotl
  30. BikePortland
  31. jeanannvk
  32. bryanrhoads
  33. seschloss
  34. curtjonestweets
  35. cvelis
  36. jabancroft
  37. mike_ace
  38. betsywhim
  39. NBANoise
  40. selenamarie
  41. timorousme
  42. amyrsward
  43. PDXJobs
  44. haroldPDX
  45. georgeholland
  46. dieselboi
  47. znmeb
  48. DianaOfPortland
  49. girlgraphix
  50. evilspinmeister
  51. radiogretchen
  52. kentjlewis
  53. sheagunther
  54. AbbieKendall
  55. feedia
  56. macgenie
  57. pdxlilly
  58. carterlusher
  59. RobSalzman
  60. semaphoria
  61. justinkistner
  62. kimtoomey
  63. donpdonp
  64. psingleton
  65. Transitionqueen
  66. jandroid
  67. kaykas
  68. danielbachhuber
  69. brianclayville
  70. Aleta
  71. jamesshore
  72. morecontrary
  73. unclenate
  74. heathred
  75. ginarau
  76. jaycosnett
  77. aaronblew
  78. SocialMediaPDX
  79. widmer_brothers
  80. thorprichard
  81. BeverlyHogue
  82. adronbh
  83. bobhyatt
  84. lonefir
  85. ryanbuch
  86. sleeve
  87. smbguru
  88. adamboettiger
  89. jenmaxwell
  90. abrahamhyatt
  91. DrewColeman
  92. EdSchoaps
  93. ryansnyder
  94. sugarpuss
  95. JulieMorgan
  96. fredericl
  97. foodbizstartup
  98. ECdavies
  99. neddotcom
  100. pmarzullo

And while there are a number of folks missing from the list whom I would expect to be there—like Marshall Kirkpatrick and some of the Top 30 tech Twitter types from the Portland area from last year—this is still a great way to discover some local folks who you might want to follow.

For the latest rankings, metrics, and the ability to slice and dice the lists for Portland—as well as a number of other geographic regions—visit Twitalyzer.

(Hat tip Nate “@xolotl” Angell #29)