Camp camp campity camp: Need to go camping? Well, visit WhereCampPDX or Cre8camp this weekend

It’s the beginning of fall. And while summer might be the best time for camping around here. Fall is the tech season for camping. WhereCamping, BarCamping, Cre8Camping. And two of those camps overlap this weekend.

That’s right. You can either get your geogeeking bent on or your creative bent on this weekend. Thanks to WhereCampPDX and Cre8Camp.

What are these camps you say? Well, let’s get you some details.

WhereCampPDX is the best spot to get together with the location aware types in Portland to discuss everything geolocation related:

WhereCampPDX is a free, volunteer-created unconference for anyone interested in geography and technology. This year’s event will be happening September 24th-26th, with a full day of unconference sessions at Metro Regional Center on the 25th.

An unconference is a conference planned by the participants. We convene together, plan sessions, and break-out into the proposed session discussions and activities. This gives everyone an opportunity to bring to the table the things that interest them the most, and talk about emerging topics that are still new and exploratory. We value open participation, providing access to new voices, and lowering barriers to participation. As a result, the event is driven by the interests and talents of the participants.

Sounds awesome right? I mean, if you’re working on anything Web-related or mobile-related, that location stuff is pretty interesting. You should probably go. Trust me.

Not interested in geogeeking? That’s okay. I won’t hold it against you. Maybe.

Tell you what. You can still get all campity camp camp with another camp. You’re creative and stuff. So maybe you should consider Cre8Camp:

Cre8Camp is a series of unconferences for creative industries professionals. It is an ad-hoc gathering for participants to learn, network and share in an open environment. The magic happens in the interactions between participants.

Cre8Camp is inspired by BarCamp, a series of unconferences for technology professionals. We like the BarCamp format, but believe that because it has roots as technology-centric events, it requires some changes for creatives.

See? I told you you had some camping to do this weekend. Get on that.

(Image courtesy frozenchipmunk. Used under Creative Commons.)