Beer, blogging… what could be more simple? How about BankSimple at Beer and Blog?

It’s Friday. I think. Let me check. Yes, it’s Friday! And you know what that means, right? Well, yes. Oh. Right. I guess it does mean that, too. But it… yes. That too. But it also means it’s time for everyone’s favorite Portland tech happy hour, Beer and Blog.

Now, as many of you know, Beer and Blog is always special. It’s just that sometimes? It’s a little more special than others. This is one of those times. You see, word around the campfire is that the BankSimple crew will be attending, this week.

What’s BankSimple, you ask? It’s a group of folks who think today’s concept of “banking” sucks. So they formed a company to fix it.

We partner with select deposit-taking institutions. We spend our time making banking easier for you, while our partners manage treasury and compliance. Through our partners, your deposits are FDIC insured.

Customers receive a BankSimple debit card. It gives access to all the products in our expanding financial marketplace. We offer mobile check deposit and use of the nation’s largest free ATM networks. If something comes up, we’re here to help, on the web or on the phone.

And while they’re still in private beta mode, they’ve got some really interesting ideas. And besides, they’re just interesting folks.

So take some time to swing by the Green Dragon today after your work day. Grab a beer or a beverage of your choice. And chat with the BankSimple folks.

  1. This seems like a pretty fun opportunity. Ill be there with the recorder!

  2. dagnabbit! I’m out of town. Hope this happens again. Would love to meet @al3x and @billder

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