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Camp camp campity camp: Need to go camping? Well, visit WhereCampPDX or Cre8camp this weekend

It’s the beginning of fall. And while summer might be the best time for camping around here. Fall is the tech season for camping. WhereCamping, BarCamping, Cre8Camping. And two of those camps overlap this weekend.

That’s right. You can either get your geogeeking bent on or your creative bent on this weekend. Thanks to WhereCampPDX and Cre8Camp. Read More

memePDX 003: Geomena, WhereCamp PDX, Oregon gubernatorial candidates, DjangoCon, AT&T, Foursquare, RSS Cloud

It’s been another week of tantalizing tech news. And that means it’s time to roll out another memePDX. Admittedly, there was so much to chat about this week, we went over our time limit just a tad.

What did we talk about? Geomena, WhereCamp PDX, Oregon gubernatorial candidates’ social media savvy, DjangoCon, AT&T infrastructure woes, Seth the blogger guy, Foursquare, and WordPress attacks and WordPress real-time RSS with RSS Cloud. Read More