Care to venture a guess as to who got picked for OEN Venture Northwest 2010? Oh. Fine. Here’s the list then.

Vying for cash is always a competition. But sometimes it’s actually a competition. I mean, like an event. Like the Bend Venture Conference. And like the annual Oregon Entrepreneur Network (OEN) Venture Northwest event.

Today, Venture Northwest revealed the speakers for this year. And of the 10 companies chosen to present, six fall into the realm of stuff Silicon Florist would usually cover. And I want one of them to win. So I’m only telling you about those six.

Okay whiner, if you want all 10, Mike Rogoway has a write up on OEN Venture Northwest.

Into who’s proverbial pockets are the companies hoping to be getting? A pretty impressive list. Capital Advisors, DFJ Frontier, Epic Ventures, General Catalyst Partners, Highway 12 Ventures, Intel Capital, Montlake Capital, Norwest Venture Partners, OVP Venture Partners, Sherbrooke Capital, Steamboat Ventures, Voyager Capital, and Walden Venture Capital are all expected to be in attendance.

So, let’s get to the best six. Because one of these folks is going to win.

ARM Insight

ARM Insight’s approach to improving your business is founded on a combination of loyalty best practices, analytics and the art of promotions. We deliver you access and insight to information that all stems from your own customer data through our analytics and reporting services. You will have a heightened sense of control over your Debit Card Programs. We have also harnessed the most engaging aspects of Web 2.0 including online communities and social media, to create a truly revolutionary approach to rewards and customer loyalty. We partner with your team to understand your prepaid debit card program metrics in order to design and implement our unique prepaid card loyalty platform, taking into account your specific business needs.

For more information, visit ARM Insight.

The Clymb

It’s like old school Facebook meets Groupon.

The Clymb is the industry-leading venue for connecting premium outdoor and sport brands with dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and professionals. Exclusive arrangements with our partner brands allow members access to pricing as low as 70% below retail on apparel, footwear and equipment from an elite group of premium manufacturers.

The Clymb is a private online community. Members shape the user network by inviting like-minded friends and colleagues. Membership is free, but is by invitation only.

For more information, visit The Clymb.


Exterro was founded with the vision that legal processes could be improved using tools that have been successfully applied in other business disciplines. Ongoing discussions with industry experts and clients ensure continued innovative solutions built to meet exacting legal process requirements.

By filling the capability gaps and investing in research and development, Exterro has built the industry’s foremost end-to-end platform for corporations and their outside counsel to holistically manage legal governance, risk and compliance processes.

For more information, visit Exterro.


Remember GreenPrint? They’ve been around a while. And they’ve been covered on CNN, CNet, CNBC, and the Wall Street Journal, to name a few. Something tells me with sustainability, technology, and that kind of coverage, they may be the ones to beat.

GreenPrint makes it easy to print only the pages you want saving you around $100 a year on paper and ink, as well as helping to save millions of trees.

For more information, visit GreenPrint.


mobba.com is a new online marketplace where committed shoppers team up to leverage their combined purchasing power to get lower prices on goods and services. Sellers compete in an auction-style format for their business, driving prices down for buyers, while providing a volume sales opportunity for sellers. Shoppers save. Sellers make a higher volume bulk sale than they may otherwise be able to secure on their own. And importantly, there’s no risk for sellers to sign up since no costs are incurred until a sale is made.

For more information, visit Mobba.


Revelation harnesses today’s social web culture and technology to help you better understand your customers. Web 2.0 technology is raising a generation of people who communicate and sustain relationships online with more ease and enjoyment than ever before. There is no better way to conduct immersive research. It’s honest, fast, and cost-effective.

For more information, visit Revelation.

Good luck to everyone involved… especially the tech companies

So there you have it. Those are the folks who will be taking the stage on November 4, 2010.

Interested in attending? Register today. Want to learn more? Visit OEN Venture Northwest.

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  4. Seriously they charge $325? I thought OEN was non-profit. Just what Portland needs, an overpriced venture event, is this what it takes to get VCs to visit Portland, how much do you have to pay them?

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