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Rogue Women celebrates women in startups and venture

While startups and venture are still largely homogenous, there are people doing the work and strides being made in the diversification of both sides of that table. And venture fund Rogue Women is taking the opportunity to celebrate that β€” and the people making that happen β€”Β with its Women in Start-ups and Venture – A Celebration and Discussion event.

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Oregon Venture Fund has a job board for portfolio companies

As the Great Resignation continues to swell, seeking the next job you’ll be able to resign from can be top of mind for many people. Or maybe even the next job you’ll stick with. Which is why it’s nice to see that Oregon Venture Fund β€” the most dominant presence in the Oregon venture community β€” has launched a job board featuring openings at its portfolio companies. All thanks to OVF investor in residence Deepthi Madhava.

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Silicon Florist links arrangement for March 22, 2022 πŸ’

Start More Stuff

Our national narrative places entrepreneurship out of reach for far too many of us at a time when it’s easier than ever to be an entrepreneur. The U.S. was founded on a culture of starting stuff and we must get back to our entrepreneurial roots. Our economic future is an era of entrepreneurship. Calling all entrepreneurs. Let’s start more stuff.

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There’s a new pre-Seed fund in the Pacific Northwest. Meet Startup Haven Venture Fund.

In order to sustain a vibrant startup investor ecosystem, funds need to start, find success, and raise more funds. And should that success cause them to grow beyond their previous stage focus, then new funds need to start to backfill the gaps. So as many of the early stage funds in the Pacific Northwest achieve success and move downstream to Seed and Series A investments, it’s nice to see new funds stepping up to take the opportunity to support pre-Seed startups. Like the new Startup Haven Venture Fund.

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Elevate Capital hits first close β€” and cuts first checks β€” for $40 million Fund II

Another local venture capital fund has leveraged the success of its previous efforts to raise another larger fund. Portland based Elevate Capital has announced hitting the first close on their $40 million fund II. And they’ve already started cutting checks out the fund.

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What happened in Pacific Northwest venture capital in 2020?

One of the newsletters I make sure to read every week is The DL by Daniel Li. Given his vantage at Madrona, the newsletter tends to focus on trends in venture capital and venture funded companies in the Pacific Northwest. To kick off the new year, Dan put together some slides to recap of the stuff he was tracking in 2020. And it’s a good reminder that there was some decent progress last year, even with all of the weirdness.

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There’s a new venture capital firm in town

It’s always nice to see more capital focused on helping entrepreneurs around here. So it was a bright spot in all of this weirdness to see that there was a new venture fund in town. And it was an even brighter spot to see that the Oregon Growth Board had committed $350,000 to the new fund. Meet Include Venture Group.

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Curious as to where the Oregon Public Employees Retirement (PERS) Fund invests? Here’s its Private Equity portfolio

If you follow the world of venture capital and private equity, you’re likely familiar with the concept of funds. They’re the folks who are doing due diligence, cutting checks to provide capital for companies, and actively managing a portfolio. What’s less obvious and murky is where those funds actually get the money they use to make those investments. Some of that money comes from a-whole-nother group of funds β€” often referred to as a “fund of funds” β€” that provide capital for venture capital and private equity funds to do their work. And one of those fund of funds is the Oregon Public Employees Retirement (PERS) Fund.

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