Startup School: Zuckerberg on startups, the “Instant startup mix” that is Silicon Valley, and just liking to build things

If you were under a rock this weekend or—heaven forbid—actually spent some time unplugged, you may have missed the Startup School interview with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Yeah, that guy. The one in the movie.

Like Facebook or not, like Zuckerberg or not, this interview provides an interesting glimpse into Facebook’s somewhat frenetic beginnings, why the Silicon Valley is so good at germinating startups, and the motivation entrepreneurs feel.

The interview runs the first 20 minutes. Next up is Brian Chesky of AirBnB—a startup similar to local startup Second Story. I mean, the whole thing is worth watching. I mean, it is Startup School after all.


For more, visit Startup School on Justin.tv.

(Hat tip @siliconfarmer)

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