Portland iPhone hacker bat signal: Free pizza, free beer, and a little Janrain iPhone Hackfest tonight

Like free pizza? Like free beer? Interested in doing a little iPhone testing and hacking on some distributed identity and credentials sort of stuff?

Well, file this under better late than never, but I just found out that Janrain is hosting an iPhone Hackfest tonight from 6-9 at Janrain’s downtown Portland office.

What’s the mission? I mean, aside from consuming free pizza and free beer.

Janrain has recently released the second version (beta) of our iPhone library, Janrain Engage for iPhone, which includes a greatly simplified user authentication component, as well as an extremely simple social sharing interface.

To better test our library, we are hosting a Hackfest at our downtown office on Wednesday, October 27th from 6-9 PM. If you are interested in adding our library to your iPhone application, please come, and please bring your laptop. We will walk you through configuring your application with Janrain Engage and our 17+ providers (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), adding the library to your application, and the simple API calls. We will also provide pizza and beer, and we hope that you can provide meaningful feedback.

RSVPs were supposed to be in by Monday. But given that they’re asking for more developers, I think you can probably make it into the mix. Thinking of attending? Email iphone-dev@janrain.com to RSVP.

And yes, I would have to assume there will be a similar call for Android folks, as well. So stay tuned.

For more information on the library, see Janrain Engage for the iPhone. For more info on the company, visit Janrain.

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