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Corvallis-based Agility Robotics raises $150 million Series B

It’s a well-known fact that Oregon State University punches above its weight when it comes to intellectual property and patents. That being said, translating academic research and development into startups can often be a challenging transition. But when it works, it works. Like it has for Agility Robotics which just raised $150 million.

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Corvallis and Portland metro area rank #1 and #2 for highest annnualized productivity growth over the last decade

If there’s one thing that Portland—and perhaps Oregon as whole—has proven, it’s that we’re in it for the long haul. And our plans? Well, sometimes they take a while to pay off. A long while. Like city planning which originated 40 years ago that’s just beginning to come to fruition. Read More

Bus for the WIN! Head down to Ignite Corvallis and Willamette Innovators Night with wifi and free beer

Portland isn’t the only Ignite in town. Um. I mean the state. Bend has one. So does Corvallis. And if you’ve been feeling the itch to head south to see what the Covallisians are presenting, it just got a whole heck of a lot easier.

You see, on November 11th, Ignite Corvallis is once again being held in conjunction with the Willamette Innovators’ Night with Willamette Innovators Network (WIN)—and once again they’re happily bussing Portland folks down to the event with free beer and wifi the whole way. Read More

Portland Calagator spawns Bend BendCal and Corvallis Corvalligator, asks for your feedback

Whenever anyone asks me “How would I keep up on the events in the Portland tech scene?” I always blurt out two things immediately. The first thing I mention is Upcoming, the social event sharing service currently owned by Yahoo! that was started by Andy Baio who now resides in Portland. There’s a ton of Portland event goodness on there.

The second? Well, that’s Calagator, the home grown open source tech calendar that allows folks to post events directly—or slurp events over from other services like Upcoming. I mean, it’s a calendar aggregator. Calendar aggregator. Calagator. Get it? Hello? Tap tap tap. Is this thing on? Read More

Startup Weekend Corvallis will start up tonight. Will you be starting a startup there?

Mugasha continues to make a strong showing in the Portland startup scene. This time it is a little further south. Introducing Startup Weekend Corvallis.

It’s been a while. A while since we’ve had a Startup Weekend in our neck of the woods or Silicon Forest or whatever. The last time we had the chance to participate in this kind of “build a startup in a weekend” experience was about 18 months ago with Startup Portland.

But what a Startup Weekend it was. With five startups launching, including poster-child Mugasha, which continues to make a strong showing in the Portland startup scene.

This time around, the startups will be starting up a little further south. Introducing Startup Weekend Corvallis. Read More

Can’t wait for Beer and Blog this week? This bus will take you there on Thursday for free. The catch? It’s in Corvallis.

Most of the folks in the Portland Web scene have become all too familiar with a little Friday ritual called Beer and Blog. The event—which began with Justin Kistner helping a few other bloggers over beers—rapidly grew into the de facto happy hour for the Portland blogging and tech scene. So popular, in fact, that it spread to other cities.

But there were no rules saying you always had to go on a Friday. Or only go to Portland’s gathering, for that matter.

So this week, you’ve got the chance to go to Beer and Blog one day early—and get to experience Ignite Corvallis as a bonus. But how to get there? On this bus, my friend. Read More

OSU Open Source Lab gets a big ol’ chunk of bandwidth

I’m a huge fan of the OSU Open Source Lab down in Corvallis. Not only do they provide an incredibly important resource for the open source community, but their folks are always nice enough to make the trek up to Portland on a regular basis. And it’s always great to have them involved in events like BarCamp Portland and Open Source Bridge.

I’m a huge fan of the OSU Open Source Lab down in Corvallis. Not only do they provide an incredibly important resource for the open source community, but their folks are always nice enough to make the trek up to Portland on a regular basis. And it’s always great to have them involved in events like BarCamp Portland and Open Source Bridge.

So when they get good news, I want people to know about it. Today is one of those days.

Today, Wisconsin-based TDS Telecommunications announced that they have donated $1.4 million in bandwidth to OSU OSL. Read More

Thank you

I just wanted to take a second to say “Thank you.”

I wanted to thank you for caring about what’s happening in the Silicon Forest. To thank you for keeping your eye on the Web and mobile startup scene. To thank you for giving all of the amazing developers in the area the attention they so richly deserve. To thank you for giving the entrepreneurs of Portland, Corvallis, Eugene, Bend, Ashland, Hood River, Vancouver, and all of the Oregon and Washington towns in between the opportunity to wow you with the products they’re building and the problems they’re solving.

I’m constantly reminded of how incredibly lucky I am that I get the opportunity to write about this stuff. And even luckier that you swing by to read about it. So thanks for letting me into your browser or feed reader or mobile device every once in awhile to share what people are sharing with me.

SXSW Interactive always reaffirms my belief in how lucky we are to have the community we do.

Thank you for being part of it.

moneyStrands: Strands gets Mint-y and then some

moneyStrandsCorvallis-based Strands has received a great deal of attention—well, from Silicon Florist and Louis Gray, at least—for its lifestreaming product, Strands.

Yet all the while, the moneyStrands team was busily slaving away. Building cool features. Running private betas. Working to build a tool for helping people better manage their finances.

Well now, all of that hard work has paid off: moneyStrands is now open for business.


What does moneyStrands do?

After a very informative private beta phase we are happy to have finally taken the critical step of opening up our registration to new users. This officially kicks off a new and exciting phase of our journey to help people better manage their financial lives.

I’ve just started mucking with moneyStrands, but at the outset, it strikes me as very much like Mint, the popular personal finance tool. Still, it has something more: Strands recommender technology.

moneyStrands’ intelligent recommendation engine searches expert tips, relevant facts, and product offers from many sources to nd the best deals and advice that match your financial profile. As your life changes, your financial goals also change. moneyStrands learns, anticipates and adapts to your needs and priorities along the way.

Plus—thanks no doubt to their NetworthIQ acquistion—you can share and compare details with others:

Find and connect with like-minded members who share your goals and your traits. See how you compare, share your thoughts on best bargains or just exchange financial tips and money missteps. Your experience is as valuable as any others and there is no better insider track than following to the word of mouth.

For more details on all the ways moneyStrands can help you with your personal finances, download the moneyStrands poster. To take it for a spin, visit moneyStrands (if you’re a Strands user, you can use the same login.)


Beer and Blog says “Konnichiwa!” to Tokyo and “Hello!” to Houston and Phoenix

Beer and BlogBeer and Blog, the weekly Portland get-together started by Justin Kistner, was been growing by leaps and bounds.

What kinds of leaps and bounds? I’m glad you asked.

Currently there is Beer and Blog Portland, Beer and Blog Corvallis, Beer and Blog Eugene, Beer and Blog St Louis, and Beer and Blog Las Vegas.

But does it stop there? Oh no, my friend. Not by a long shot.

Tonight on Strange Love Live, Justin announced the launch of Beer and Blog chapters in Houston, Phoenix, and—with its first international chapter—Tokyo.

Sniff sniff. Our little Beer and Blog is all growed up.

Congratulations to Justin, his Portland-based team, and all of the chapter leads! It’s great to see something that has so strengthened the Portland tech community getting the chance to work its magic in other towns.