Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for November 2010: Why Portland? Kitzhaber, Dudley, Wyden, and Al Gore

Turkey day is over. Leftovers are already starting to thin. A bit. Maybe. Holiday shopping fun has begun. Christmas tunes are on the radio. How the heck did we get here already?

Well, let’s take a look back at the November that was. And see what posts you and your peers found most interesting.

Here are the top 10 Silicon Florist posts for November 2010 as ranked by Web and RSS traffic.

  1. Dave Chase: 10 reasons I chose Portland over Seattle and Silicon Valley to locate my startup
  2. Kitzhaber vs Dudley: The Oregon governor race and the tale of the social media tape
  3. Calling Oregon entrepreneurs to action: Do-it-yourself healthcare reform
  4. Al Gore may have invented the Information Superhighway, but Oregon Senator Ron Wyden just saved the Internet
  5. Portland’s Grove makes exceptionally awesome iPhone 4 cases out of bamboo—and for a limited time old skateboards
  6. Emma? This is the Portland tech community. Portland tech community? Meet Emma… and her free beer
  7. Want to report municipal problems in the de facto hub of open source? There’s no better way than the City of Portland Android app
  8. When one door closes another opens… and here are some of those open doors in Portland
  9. To buckle up, please insert the metal tab… Urban Airship lands $5.4 million and 25,000 square feet of office space
  10. Love Instagram for iPhone photography? Well, here’s another reason to love it, Portland

Need more top 10 goodness for November? Mike Rogoway has published the top 10 Silicon Forest blog posts for November, as well.

(Image courtesy Liz West. Used under Creative Commons.)

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