Is that LexisNexis in your Iterasi archives or are you just happy to see me?

One of my favorite quiet little engine that could startups here in town is Iterasi. They don’t make a lot of noise. But when they do? It’s a big boom. And apparently, they’re not so quiet anymore.

In October, Iterasi announced a big partnership with NTIS. Now, it’s another month and another gigantic announcement. On the last day of November, Iterasi has announced that they’ve signed a partnership with LexisNexis Reed Technology Web Archiving Services.

What does the partnership entail? Well, it takes Iterasi’s soft spoken technology and gives it a very big LexisNexis stick. Bringing it to the legal industry with the seal of approval from a trusted juggernaut.

“LexisNexis is synonymous with legal information services worldwide,” said Pete Grillo, CEO of Iterasi. “This relationship allows us to deliver web archiving services to corporations, law firms and governments with the backing of an established and respected name that many have been doing business with for decades. We could not be more excited about the opportunities this partnership opens up for us.”

You see, these days it’s becoming increasingly obvious that keeping copies of what happened on the Web can be as important as keeping copies of corporate emails.

“Corporations, government and professional services firms are making increasing use of online media to communicate with their customers and constituents about products, services, rules, regulations, and processes,” said Michael Osterman, an Internet and Web 2.0 industry analyst with Osterman Research, in a press release. “Just as the archiving of email communications has become a ‘Best Practice,’ the now emerging need to archive Web content is on the same trajectory to also become a ‘Best Practice.’”

And Iterasi helps companies do exactly that: keep copies of Web pages—fully functional Web pages—as they appeared at the time they were posted. LexisNexis is just the latest company to realize the potential—and the necessity—for this kind of service.

As ReadWriteWeb alludes, it’s like having your own personal Internet Archive:

Iterasi’s technology can duplicate not only static HTML pages, but also content found behind AJAX or JavaScript, as well as password-protected pages.

This is a big deal. And it’s happening right here in Portland, Oregon.

For more information on the deal, read the press release or read the post on LexisNexis from Iterasi. For more information, visit Reed Technology Web Archiving Services.

  1. Congrats to Iterasi team! Great to hear, and good to be able to talk about this now. I know Pete’s been working hard on this for some time.

  2. Nice work, Pete and Iterasi team. Keep it going!

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