Month: January 2011

Small Society, big impact: Portland iPhone agency donates $10,000 to local charities

[HTML1]Without a doubt, 2010 showed us that mobile development was one of the most interesting and full-of-potential segments of the Portland startup community. We saw any number of startups—from individual app developers to full fledged companies—release compelling technology and collaborate with name brand clients, time and again.

For some, that success means they can do a little more. It means that they can share that success by giving back to the community. That’s why Portland’s Small Society—arguably one of the most successful mobile outfits around town—donated $10,000 to Portland area charities. Read More

Kickstarter loses one Portland connection but gains another. (And it happens to be their most successful project ever.)

Now, you may have seen mention that Kickstarter had a Portland connection. It did. That was when Andy Baio was working there from his home here in Portland.

But Andy has moved on to another project and another town. Which meant that—unless one of you went after funding on Kickstarter—I wouldn’t really be writing about it. Well, turns out that a company with a Portland tie did just that. And their bid for funding just happened to be oversubscribed by about 6200%. Read More

How Dachis Group’s $30 million in funding relates to Portland, Oregon

At the beginning of the week, a whole bevy of tech companies announced funding. Among them? The Dachis Group, “the world’s largest Social Business consultancy.”

Now, yes, there is a Razorfish outpost here in town. And yes Jeffrey Dachis—founder of Dachis Group—helped found Razorfish back in the day. But that’s not the connection I’m seeing. No, the connection is a little less direct. But interesting nonetheless. Read More

Welcome 2011 with Lunch 2.0 at Urban Airship

[HTML1]And we’re back.

It’s been months of silence since we had lunch at City Hall, complete with a Mayor (@mayorsamadams) sighting, and apparently, some of you actually miss little old Lunch 2.0.

The good news is we have a host for January; I was just waiting to announce it until you were finished with your holiday fussing.

So, without further ado, Urban Airship (@urbanairship) cordially invites you to lunch at their place in Old Town (Update: Turns out the office is actually in the Pearl, see comments for background on the geographical correction) for lunch and light networking on Wednesday, January 26, 2011.

Read More

Still clinging to 2010: Visualizing Silicon Florist headlines from last year

Yes, it’s 2011. Yes, it’s probably time to move on from the nostalgic navel gazing and just embrace this spankin’ new year. You’re right. There’s already a bunch of cool stuff happening. It’s true. And I’ve already done the whole top posts of December and the year crap.

But wait. Look at this! It’s a visualization of what 2010 Silicon Florist headlines looked like. I mean, who can resist a word cloud visualization? Ooh. Shiny object. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for December 2010

Yes, yes. It’s a whole new year. But last year? It’s still hanging on. Just by a thread. I mean, we’re still being all reflective and stuff.

So let’s take a look at the end of the year. And see which Silicon Florist posts you and your peers found most interesting for December 2010. As ranked by Web and RSS traffic. Read More