Want to sell that CafePress tshirt you just made to your Facebook fans? Talk to ShopIgniter

Let’s say you’re a small startup looking to make a little extra cash. Or maybe you’re the class clown looking to memorialize his latest funny quip. Where do you go? Well, you go to the site that lets more people create their own apparel and tchotchkes than anyone else: CafePress. It’s like the Internet version of iron-ons. We’ve all done it.

But getting that stuff in front of people who will actually buy it? That’s a problem. Just like discoverability in the mobile app world. Or at least it was. You see, now? You can hock your creations to people you know on Facebook—all thanks to Portland’s ShopIgniter.

The two companies have signed a partnership that will allow CafePress users to make use of ShopIgniter’s Facebook storefront technology.

CafePress is using ShopIgniter’s Social Promotions Engine™ and Facebook Store platform to help clients drive social promotions such as limited time or private sales, social coupon programs, referral incentive programs, and social badging while enabling transactions inside a robust Facebook Store solution. These solutions help retailers and brands optimize their customer networks, extend reach and drive revenue through social eCommerce.

“We are continually looking at ways to embrace the voice and enthusiasm of our fans,” says Amy Manthias, VP of Marketing for CafePress in a press release. “ShopIgniter helps us to extend our eCommerce experience into social networks, enabling friends to take advantage of special sales and discounts, and incent them to share these with their friends.”

For more information on the partnership, see the ShopIgniter press release.

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  3. Alex, 15+ years in marketing communications. That’s the only thing I’ve learned.

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