REMINDER: Attend Mobile Portland tonight to discover how mobile serves as a platform for change

Admittedly, a great deal of what we focus on in the mobile space has to deal with commerce or entertainment. Killing two pigs with one bird and whatnot. But fact of the matter is mobile platforms provide a cost effective means of connecting people—and providing access to information which they desperately need—especially in times of crisis.

Tonight at Mobile Portland, they’ll be taking a look at a couple examples of how mobile is changing the world, featuring RDTN.org and Renny Gleeson of Wieden+Kennedy.

If you’ve tuned into Silicon Florist over the past couple of weeks, you’re likely familiar with RDTN.org. But where are they going from here?

Uncorked Studios has learned many lessons from the differences in the way radiation is measured, where best to get radiation data, and how to help put the radiation levels in perspective.

With collaborators around the world helping them, they are now looking at expanding their efforts with a Kickstarter project to build portable Geiger counters that can interface with mobile devices.

That’s a specific application. What about the bigger picture? Where are the other opportunities to make mobile more meaningful?

Renny Gleeson, Global Digital Strategies Director for Wieden+Kennedy , will talk about how corporations and their products are being used as platforms for social change. Renny’s work with Nokia and other W+K clients has given him a unique vantage point to see how people are using products and infrastructure in ways these companies never imagined.

Still not convinced? Well listen to why organizer, Jason Grigsby, is “deliriously enthusiastic” about Mobile Portland tonight.

After [Renny’s] talk, I begged for his slides. I talked to anyone I could about his idea of corporations as platforms for social change. I pulled Sara Winge aside at Open Web Foo Camp and walked her through Renny’s slides because I thought the concepts were similar enough to Tim O’Reilly’s idea of government as a platform that I thought O’Reilly might be interested.

Because many of Renny’s examples were mobile, I’ve been looking for a good opportunity to have him talk at Mobile Portland.

That opportunity suddenly presented itself this month when our neighbors at Uncorked Studios started working on a very important project called RDTN.org.

The event will begin tonight, Monday, at 6 PM. It’s held at the Urban Airship offices. You can RSVP by visiting Mobile Portland.