Hey social media! Turn that frown… err world upside down

To employ on old phrase, you’d have to have been living under a rock the past month or so not to recognize the impact of social media. From unrest in the Middle East to earthquakes in Japan, social media outlets have provided both the outlet for news and the platform for thousands of opinions and voices of support.

In many ways, the world is upside down. And social media made it that way. Empowering individuals and giving them the means to communicate on an international scale. And the folks at WebVisions would like to take some time to discuss that. Even if their conference is still a month or two off.

The web and mobile phones are rapidly changing how we connect to friends, family and our community, as well as with communities around the globe. It’s hardly imaginable that social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter, along with mobile phones, could help to peacefully topple regimes in the Middle East and so effectively rally global support for the victims of the earthquakes in Japan.

Moderated by Brad Smith, Executive Director of WebVisions, the panel features Carla Axtman of Blue Oregon, Carri Bugbee of Big Deal PR, Dene Grigar from Washington State University – Vancouver, and Jensine Larsen of World Pulse Media.

The event begins at 6 PM, Wednesday, March 30. It will be held at Portland State University, Rec Center – Auditorium 1. To register, visit The World is Upside Down: The Impact of Design and Social Media on Politics and Society.