Looming deadlines: #140Conf NW speakers and 2011 Social Media “SoMe” Awards

It’s okay. I know you’ve been busy. But let’s face it, you’re awesome. And people need to experience that awesomeness. And there are two very good venues for your share that awesomeness. But you have to act fast.

You see, deadlines are rapidly approaching for both #140Conf NW and the 2011 Social Media “SoMe” Awards.

First up, speaker submissions for NW. Talks are quick. Panels are quick. It’s almost like an Ignite version of a conference.

Areas covered at past events include: Advertising / Analytics / Book Authors / Branding / Celebrity / Charity / Comic Books / Communications / Education / Entertainment / Fashion / Film / Food / Games / Journalism / Legacy / Location Based Services / Love & Romance / Marketing / Media / Music / News Gathering / Parenting / Public Policy / Politics / Public Diplomacy / Public Safety / Publishing / Real Estate / Social Change / Search / Story Telling / TV

For this event we are looking for people to cover the following areas: Government, Public Safety, 9-1-1, Emergency Management, Police, Fire, Public Works, Elected Officials, Healthcare, Hospitals, Insurance, Non-Profit Organizations, Non-Governmental Organization, Critical Infrastructure Owners, Ports, Transportation, Utilities, Resource Managers, Land Use Developers, Community Organizers, Behavioral Change and another other great examples, dynamic or novel approaches to how social media is promoting engagement & community.

The deadline for speaking proposals is: March 31, 2011.

Sound like your cup of tea? Submit your talk idea to #140Conf NW.

Have you already done something interesting and compelling in the world of social media? Well, maybe you’re more suited for the 2011 SoMe Awards.

Do you know of a project that has achieved social media greatness? Are you a member of the team that just produced an amazing SMM campaign that is already proving out BIG ROI? Did your SMM campaign raise brand or product awareness and increase consumer affinity toward the brand or product? Did your social media marketing campaign drive leads and/or sales? Did your social media marketing campaign utilizing a social media application? Have you demonstrated a thorough understanding of social media and has utilized social media marketing to boost clients’ ROI and brand awareness?

Submissions are due by April 6. And it’s open to anyone, worldwide. With one caveat: you have to be present to win. So if you’ve got a winning project, submit your social media awesomeness to the 2011 SoMe Awards.

For more information on , visit NW or follow @140ConfNW on Twitter. For more information on the Social Media Awards, visit the SoMe Awards or follow @SocialMediaPDX on Twitter.

(Image courtesy Mr. Happy. Used under Creative Commons.)