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Thinking you missed out on the first #140conf in the Pacific Northwest? Think again. We’ve got your #140confNW right here.

Today, the first #140conf in the Pacific Northwest is being held right here in our backyard—well or Aaron Hockley’s lawn—in Vancouver, Washington.

It’s a bit of momentous occasion as #140confNW—our own flavor of this well known conference—sweeps into town. And it’s only made more interesting by the fact that they’re focusing on the public sector’s use of social media—especially in times of crisis. But phooey. All of this groundbreaking stuff and you’re stuck there at your desk, missing it. Or are you? Read More

Follow frenzy: 50 interesting Twitter folks (who also happen to be speaking at #140conf NW)

Well, before you go running off and following Twitter types willy nilly, maybe you should start with a sure thing. Like the speakers at #140conf NW

So, you’ve been feeling a little different. Things are changing. You’re changing. It happens. This is a special time in your life.

You’re looking for a few new people to follow on Twitter.

Well, before you go running off and following Twitter types willy nilly, maybe you should start with a sure thing. You know what I’m talking about. That’s right. Speakers at the #140conf NW. Read More

Looming deadlines: #140Conf NW speakers and 2011 Social Media “SoMe” Awards

It’s okay. I know you’ve been busy. But let’s face it, you’re awesome. And people need to experience that awesomeness. And there are two very good venues for your share that awesomeness. But you have to act fast.

You see, deadlines are rapidly approaching for both #140Conf NW and the 2011 Social Media “SoMe” Awards. Read More

SnOMG! is only one example of how the public sector can use social media. The first #140conf in the northwest will reveal others.

Whenever there’s inclement weather in Portland, the news crew frenzy is only eclipsed by the social media frenzy. #pdxtst springs into action. People are reporting a flake here and an icicle there. Reports come in from all over.

But something else interesting happens. Portland Mayor Sam Adams and other public officials start coordinating communications via social media. The public sector starts engaging folks online. And that’s pretty cool. But should it take a crisis for that to happen? That’s what the first #140conf in the northwest—#140confnw—is going to explore in May. Read More

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