Watch Y Combinator grads CarWoo and Cloudkick and the Portland Seed Fund launch from the comfort of your browser

When you have a line up with two successful Y Combinator companies like CarWoo and Cloudkick and the launch of the Portland Seed Fund, the venue can fill up pretty quickly. And that’s exactly what happened with tonight’s event.

But anyone who knows Portland knows that we’re all about making sure everyone gets a chance to participate. So even if you can’t get in or if you’re out of town or whatever, you’ll be able to tune in to the Portland Seed Fund launch party—all from the comfort of your Web browser.

Come back here around 6:15 PM on Tuesday, April 19, to catch the event. From wherever you happen to be. (Once it’s recorded, we’ll make sure that footage is here.)


Not sure what all the hubbub is about? Read more background about the Portland Seed Fund or visit Portland Seed Fund.

Don’t need no stinking streaming? Ready to go? Okay Mr and/or Mrs Fancypants. Go ahead and download the application (PDF).

(Image courtesy Aaron Hockley. Used under Creative Commons.)

  1. Thanks Rick for capturing the video.

  2. Rick,
    Thanks to you and your crew for everything you did to make this a success. I loved connecting with so many entrepreneurs that I had not yet met.

  3. There’s too much good content that gets lost in the ether. I’m happy we were able to capture this, even if the audio is less than sterling :/

  4. Thanks Rick! Wanted to see this, but with the packed attendance couldn’t go… you did a GREAT job getting it done!

  5. Thanks Rick. Good job setting up the video feed for those who could not get in.

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  7. FYI The content above has been updated with the video from the event.

  8. Rick, you Rock. Well done. Thank you.

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