Want criticism and guidance on your elevator pitch? Pitch Club is Thursday night

Your pitch isn’t going to get any better if you don’t practice. And you’re not going to get the kind of critical feedback you need from friends and family. Because, let’s be honest. Your pitch is shaky at best. And it could use some work.

Go ahead, Cornelius. You can cry.

But once you’re finished weeping, pack up your stuff, gird your ego, and head on over to PIE for Pitch Club on Thursday night at 6 PM. You and your pitch will be better for it.

What’s Pitch Club, you say?

Bring your 3 minute pitch. Put your name in a hat and if it gets picked, you’re on. Powerpoints discouraged – just pitch. Then, answer questions and listen to painfully honest feedback from a panel of so-called experts.

The first rule of Pitch Club is you HAVE TO PITCH.

Sound interesting? You’re darn tootin’.

To RSVP, visit Pitch Club on Calagator.

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