Follow frenzy: 50 interesting Twitter folks (who also happen to be speaking at #140conf NW)

Well, before you go running off and following Twitter types willy nilly, maybe you should start with a sure thing. Like the speakers at #140conf NW

So, you’ve been feeling a little different. Things are changing. You’re changing. It happens. This is a special time in your life.

You’re looking for a few new people to follow on Twitter.

Well, before you go running off and following Twitter types willy nilly, maybe you should start with a sure thing. You know what I’m talking about. That’s right. Speakers at the NW.

As luck would have it, your need for following directly coincides with NW announcing their speaker list. And guess what? They’re all on Twitter. So you now have 59 new people to follow.

Huzzah! Get to clicking there, tiger.

  1. Aaron Weiss, @TheSquare, KGW Square
  2. Al Partridge, @uselink126, ISITE Design
  3. Bill Boyd, @chiefb2, Bellingham Fire Department
  4. Brett Burmeister, @pdxfoodcarts, Food Carts Portland
  5. Brian Barker, @brianbarker, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue
  6. Bruce Elgort, @belgort, OpenNTF Alliance
  7. Carol Doane, @theclassiccarol, USD Media
  8. Carol Dunn, @caroldn, Bellevue Emergency Management
  9. Cheryl Bledsoe, @cherylble, @CRESA, Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency
  10. Chris Martin, @cmstudios, Chris Martin Studios
  11. Dale Chumbley, @dalechumbley, Clark County Real Estate Guide & 365 Things to Do in Vancouver
  12. David Hablewitz, @davehabz, Social Business Consultant
  13. Denise Rowlett, @disasterdenise, Emergency Management, Pacific County, WA
  14. Emily Logan, @emilyrlogan, Care2.com
  15. Eric Holdeman, @eric_holdeman, Emergency Management Magazine / co-host
  16. Frank Shuman, @frankshuman, Ellipsis Graphics
  17. Gisli Olafsson, @gislio, Project Net Hope
  18. Gunnar Simonson, @gunnarsimonsen, digital media architect
  19. Jason Hillard, @homeloan_ninja, Home Loan Ninjas Dot Com
  20. Jeff Bunch, @jeffreyrbunch, web-based news media
  21. Jeff Pulver, @jeffpulver, Creator / co-host
  22. Jeremy Bertrand, @WSDOT, Washington State Dept of Transportation
  23. John Reid, @thejohnreid, IKR Consultants
  24. Lia Hollander, @missburrows, Community Manager
  25. Libby Tucker, @libbytucker, @thecolumbian, The Columbian
  26. Lisa Loving, @lisaloving, @theskannernews, The Skanner News
  27. Lise Harwin, @liseharwin, @redcrosspdx, American Red Cross
  28. Lynsey Smith, @miss_lynsey, ZZoomMedia
  29. Maileen Hamto, @portlandhousing, Portland Housing
  30. Mary Rarick, @mary_rarick, Mambo Media
  31. Matt Kinshella, @mkinshella, @211info, 2-1-1
  32. Michael Perozzo, @michaelperozzo, ZZoomMedia
  33. Michelle Anderson, @mediachick, I Heart Media
  34. Nate DiNiro, @unclenate, @openaffairs, @codeforhealth, Code for Health
  35. Noland Hoshino, @nolandhoshino, [B]Cause Media Social Communications
  36. Octaviano Merecias, @vozdenube, 4-H Tech Wizards
  37. Oliver Stewart, @kidswift, Opal Labs
  38. Pamela Statz, @plammmm, former Wired.Com web editor
  39. Sam Adams, @mayorsamadams, City of Portland Mayor
  40. Scott Clemetson, @disastermansc, @CRESA, Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency
  41. Scott Reuter, @sct_r, Oregon Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (ORVOAD)
  42. Sean Whitcomb, @seattlePD, Seattle PD
  43. Seth Long, @sethlong, Sound Publishing
  44. Simon King, @wordspreadz, CEO of Wordspreadz
  45. Stephanie Fritts, @tsunamisteph, 9-1-1 & Emergency Management Director, Pacific County
  46. Steve McAdoo, @stevesituation, Clackamas Fire Department, Public Information Officer
  47. Steve Woodward, @nozzlsteve, Nozzl Real-Time Technologies
  48. Tiffany Estes, @tbestes, Astoria Downtown Historic District Association, Whole Brain Creative
  49. Troy Hammond, @troy211info, 2-1-1
  50. VaNessa Duplessie, @vduplessie, Business Coach & Serial Entrepreneur

And if seeing these people speak is of interest to you, please check out #140conf NW.

  1. […] Florist has written it up here and it looks like a lot of fun! See you […]

  2. Not really for you, more for Pulver and co, it’s their show.

  3. Sigh. Fine. *adds to task list*

  4. If only Twitter had a lists feature, so you could follow them all at once, maybe grouped together for convenience . . .

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