Question-able tactics: Wordspreadz strives to raise the bar for social network conversations

Wordspreadz is a social network that seeks to raise the bar for intelligent online dialogue.

No matter how many social networks you’ve joined—from one to one thousand—you tend to start each one with the same inevitable question: What the heck am I going to post?

Well, what if—instead of leaving you to your own devices—that social network compelled you to answer questions and engage in conversations? What if the system asked questions that begged to be answered and in so doing provided insights into who you are and what you think? That’s the idea behind Portland’s latest social network Wordspreadz.

Founded by Simon King—who has held senior positions in both high-tech and consumer brand companies—and Andy Neville—most recently with Portland-startup Zapproved—the new social network seeks to “raise the bar for intelligent online dialogue.”

Wordspreadz, a new inclusive social network, brings a compelling new approach to social networking with the objective of facilitating discussion on globally relevant topics and enhancing the caliber and depth of interaction among its members.

To pique interest, Wordspreadz asks users to express their thoughtfully developed positions, offer relevant details and post pictures and videos relating to a range of continually expanding open-ended questions. Topics range from complex issues such as whether to add a new amendment to the United States Constitution or the status of a particular nation’s political unrest to less controversial topics such as what was the worst vacation they ever had and what bands they would want to see in a small club.

But here’s the catch: You have to keep answering questions.

That’s right. No sitting back, resting on your laurels. Whatever the hell laurels are. You have to remain engaged and answering our you’re not being a contributing member of the network.

Sound interesting? Head over to Wordspreadz to get your account and answer your first question. Or follow Wordspreadz on another social network like @wordspreadz on Twitter or Wordspreadz on Facebook.

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