Tablet, tablet, who’ll lead the tablets? Mobspot would like your opinion on the future of tablet computing

Just like the Internet and the mobile phone before it, this whole tablet thing might just catch on. But how quickly? And with which markets?

That’s what the folks at Portland-based Mobspot are wondering. And they’d like to ask you a question or two to assess the future of the tablet world.

This year is a big year for tablet PCs – Blackberry’s PlayBook finally hit the market after months of hype, a few Android devices are out there with MANY more coming, HP is even bringing a webOS device to market. The big unknown is whether consumers that don’t already use a Blackberry/webOS/other device will actually purchase a tablet on that platform. To me it seems as if the average consumer were to choose between any of the devices they’d choose the iPad, all else being equal. Will the other devices be niche players in the bigger market, with the only significant sales coming from their current user base, or will they be able to chip away at Apple’s everyman lead?

What’s Mobspot and why are they wondering? Well, it’s designed to be an open platform for finding apps for your handsets, be they iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, or any other flavor of operating system—even Java-based stuff.

To help Mobspot, take a few moments to comment on their survey. For more information, visit Mobspot, like Mobspot on Facebook, or follow @mobspot on Twitter.

  1. Given the size of the mobile audience as well as the method of getting responders (i.e. not a true random sample) will be tough/impossible to get a statistically relevant sample size with a low confidence interval. Also, given our place in the ecosystem our data will always be skewed as consumers have already voted one way with their wallet and time. However, I think the results should still be telling – what they tell remains to be seen.

  2. Happy to do it! Hope you guys get some statistically relevant response rates and stuff. πŸ˜‰

  3. Rick, thanks for posting about us and our survey! Should be some interesting findings…

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