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Tablet, tablet, who’ll lead the tablets? Mobspot would like your opinion on the future of tablet computing

Just like the Internet and the mobile phone before it, this whole tablet thing might just catch on. But how quickly? And with which markets?

That’s what the folks at Portland-based Mobspot are wondering. And they’d like to ask you a question or two to assess the future of the tablet world. Read More

Demolicious: Experiencing Portland’s technology of tomorrow, today (or more appropriately, Wednesday)

Interested in the freshest new products from the Portland technology types? Who isn’t? We all love the cutting-edge tech stuff around these parts.

Well, you’re in luck. Because there’s no better place to catch a glimpse of these new products in the wild than Portland Web Innovators’ quarterly Demolicious—an evening of folks demoing products you’ve probably never seen.

Even better news? It’s this week. That’s right! This Wednesday. I know. I can’t wait either. Read More