Common sense isn’t common: Ryan Carson of Carsonified shares his startup insights

You may remember Ryan Carson from his startup DropSend—which has devolved into something much uglier than when he ran it—or maybe from Carsonified or Think Vitamin. Whatever the case, Ryan has an entrepreneurial bent. And a record for success.

Now, he’s sharing some of the things he’s learned about building and running startups. For free. That’s right. Sixty minutes of free insights on “How to Build a Startup.”

In the series, Ryan provides a bit of an introduction, why he started his company, choosing a founder, deciding on a product or service, pricing, culture, structure, funding, banking, accounting, and cashflow.

That’s wedging a lot into an hour.

To me, culture is one of the most overlooked elements in building startups. So I’m embedding that video as an example of the kind of content Ryan is sharing.


I hear you. This stuff might seem like common sense. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that common sense isn’t all that common. And having a refresher course is awesome even for people who know this stuff inside and out.

I’m glad Ryan took the time to sit down and capture this. It’s sixty minutes of free content that will help you get your head around building a startup, remind you of some things you may have forgotten, and highlight some issues you should be considering.

Might be a good idea to kick back over the weekend and watch the whole series. When you’re not working on your own startup, of course.

For more, visit Think Vitamin: How to Build a Startup.

  1. Ryan produces great content and great events. The OpenSesame team is headed to Future of Web Apps in Las Vegas in two weeks. I highly recommend attending if you are an entrepreneur, prospective entrepreneur, or angel investor.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us… It is amazing how many simple steps we can skip when we are pressing hard to get a start-up going!

  3. Thanks Rick! 🙂

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