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Time to Cozy up for some good founder stories. Plus a few bad ones. And maybe an ugly one or two.

More often than not, startup stories fail to be tales of overnight success. Quite the contrary. Founders have any number of trials and tribulations, tests, and failures. So founders recounting their journeys are often tales of perseverance and survival. But those stories need to be shared. That’s why Portland startup Cozy is providing a stage for that to happen. With Conversations at Cozy. Read More

Use Ember? Get ready to be happy (even if you don't). Tom Dale is moving to Portland.

Just heard some potentially squee-worthy news. Much like Joe Stump, Ryan Carson, Simple, and Puppet Labs—and any number of talented tech types before him—Tom Dale has decided to move to Portland. It’s a bit of a coup for our open source and startup scenes—and a huge credit to the amazing city that is Portland. Read More

You're going to need a bigger tree: Treehouse secures $7 million in funding, led by Kaplan Ventures

When we heard that Ryan Carson and the Treehouse crew were calling Portland home, last year around this time, that was pretty big news. Well, now they’ve got even bigger news. To the tune of $7 million. Read More

Four day work week? Something tells me Treehouse is going to fit right in

Last week, Treehouse announced that they had landed $4.75 million in funding and revealed that they were relocating their corporate headquarters to Portland.

That was big news, last week. This week? It’s that Treehouse has built a successful business working a four day week. Read More

Treehouse is moving to Portland with $4.75 million in their pockets… um branches

I had heard that Ryan Carson was well on his way to making Portland, Oregon, his new home. But I guess this confirms it.

TechCrunch is reporting that Ryan’s Treehouse has landed more funding. And they’re now listing their headquarters as Portland. Read More

Common sense isn’t common: Ryan Carson of Carsonified shares his startup insights

You may remember Ryan Carson from his startup DropSend—which has devolved into something much uglier than when he ran it—or maybe from Carsonified or Think Vitamin. Whatever the case, Ryan has an entrepreneurial bent. And a record for success.

Now, he’s sharing some of the things he’s learned about building and running startups. For free. That’s right. Sixty minutes of free insights on “How to Build a Startup.” Read More

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