Month: July 2011

Have Lunch with OpenSesame

OpenSesame (@opensesamenow) will be our next Lunch 2.0 host on July 27.

You might remember OpenSesame from such honors as the grand prize at OEN Angel Oregon back in March.

What does OpenSesame do?

I’ll let Rick (@turoczy) explain:

The new venture—which combines talents from previous Portland startups like Eleven Wirelessand SplashCast—is very much an app store for corporate training videos. Allowing trainers from a wide variety of disciplines to get their content in front of corporations. And providing corporate HR departments with an API to hook the curriculum right into their existing training systems.

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Students help local startups ZuluTime and LogicBox through Portland State’s Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate program

[Editor: It’s always nice to hear other perspectives on what’s happening with startups in town. The Portland State Digital Marketing class was nice enough to share their experience in which students and startups worked together. This guest post from Lisa Peyton captures that experience.]

Portland State University’s Market Square building was abuzz with excitement and hushed whispers during the final class. The Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate students were waiting for their “clients,” ZuluTime and LogicBox Software, to arrive for their final presentations. Read More