Month: July 2011

Want to hack with some of the best API folks in the business? Attend API Hackday PDX

Now, we all know that Portland has a thriving hacker culture. From weekly hackathons to Dorkbot to open source projects, we like our hacking around here.

But sometimes, it’s interesting to get some new people in the mix—especially if they have interesting APIs. And that’s why API Hackday PDX, July 30, could be a whole bunch of awesome. Read More

Portland Seed Fund unveils its inaugural portfolio class

It’s the inaugural class of Portland Seed Fund. More than 120 applied. Only eight made the cut. But who are the companies that convinced PSF to invest?

Well, today is the day we find out. The companies that made the cut are mostly tech—and one apparel company. Okay. Enough jibber jabber. Who is the first class of the Portland Seed Fund? Let’s take a look. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting in tight with Hively

Customer support. It’s often the most personal experience that many people have with products and companies. And yet, for being on the front line, this group is often the most underserved in terms of tools and motivation.

Until now. Meet Hively, a new product that’s looking to make customer feedback and performance reviews more delightful than pedantic. Read More

Care to guess who the Portland Seed Fund selected for its first class?

Well, well, well. Here we are. The moment for which we’ve been waiting, patiently, for quite some time. It’s time to announce the first class of the Portland Seed Fund, a new fund designed to help stimulate startup growth here in Portland.

And now? Now it’s time to see who is going to get stimulated… err funded. So who made the cut? Read More

With Clouds now available on PHP Fog the forecast looks bright

So you’ve been enamored of PHP Fog‘s push-button simplicity for all of your PHP applications, WordPress installs, and whatnot. But you’ve really been waiting for them to have a more cloudy environment.

Well, wait no longer, gentle reader. PHP Fog now offers you the ability to manage your own Clouds on their platform allowing you to run apps for as little as $2 per month. Read More

MeeGo meetup tonight. You should go. Err… I mean Yugo. Or not.

Scratch that. The meetup got canceled for this month. So much for my “trying to do a better job of covering user groups.”

Like mobile development? What about open source? Then you probably find Android interesting. Don’t you? Sure. Sure you do. But guess what? Did you know that there’s a interesting open source mobile platform that’s even closer to Portland’s heart?

Well there is. It’s MeeGo, an open source project run by Intel. And it’s time for their monthly meetup. So if you’ve got any interest in what they’re doing, this would be a good opportunity to get up to speed. Read More

Mentor? Mentee? Mentor you? Mentor me? Let’s all get mentory, Portland

A few years ago, the primary complaint about the Portland startup scene used to be pretty consistent. “Lack of funding.” It seemed to be the one thing upon which everyone could agree to complain. But then companies like Act-on, ShopIgniter, Urban Airship, Puppet Labs, PHP Fog, and COLOURlovers had to go and shoot that full of holes. Read More

Meet the Startup: Spending some time with InvestorInMe

One of the best things about Meet the Startup is getting the excuse to sit down and chat with startup folks. That’s especially true when it’s a new startup that we don’t know much about. That was the case this week with InvestorInMe.

Currently in private beta, the service is designed to help you pick investments and companies that are the right fit for you and your risk tolerance. All with some simple and quick questions. Read More

PIE: From side project to startup

A few years back, I had the opportunity to run a BarCamp Portland session called “From side project to startup.” I’ve always liked that thought. Because it’s a dream that so many of us have. To work on something we love—even if it’s on the side. And for that project to build so much momentum and find users and find revenue. And that we could make it our job. Day in and day out.

Well, I never believed it would happen to me. But with Silicon Florist and PIE, it has. Read More

Meet the Startup: Get ready to meet a whole lot more startups

When Phil Kinjerski, Tom Turnbull, and I got together to mash two separate projects into Meet the Startup, we wanted to build something that was both informative and interesting. But we also wanted to build something that was self-sustaining. So we agreed to shoot a few episodes to see if people were interested. And to see if sponsors were interested. Read More