Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for 2011

I know, I know. You’ve been inundated with a bunch of year-end recaps, 2012 predictions, and top-whatever lists. I’m sorry. But I have to subject you to at least one more. If I don’t, they’ll take my blogging license away.

So, without further ado, here’s what was hot in the Portland, Oregon, startup scene this year, the Top 10 posts from Silicon Florist for 2011 based on Web and RSS traffic.

  1. Why I broke up with Portland to build my startup… and why we’re back together
  2. Startup Weekend Portland launches 14 companies into the wild
  3. How badass is your Portland neighborhood? Check the Portland Badass-ness Map
  4. Code for a Better World: How Nike went from flirting with the idea of open data to creating a fellowship with Code for America
  5. Banking on Portland: BankSimple consolidates its offices in the Rose City
  6. PIE: From side project to startup
  7. Portland Seed Fund unveils its inaugural portfolio class
  8. Five reasons your startup won’t be getting into that incubator or accelerator
  9. Made in Portland: Your one stop resource for PDX built beer, bikes, coffee, and Web startups
  10. In memoriam, Paul @pdxflaneur Bingman

Traffic isn’t everything

There are a number of interesting stories that are missing from this list. Mostly because they didn’t quite get the traffic that some of these other posts did. (Shockingly enough, posts from early in the year somehow manage to accumulate more traffic than those later in the year. Go figure.) But they’re very much worth mentioning.

Want something more interesting than a top 10 list? I don’t blame you. The word cloud of Silicon Florist headlines from 2011 might be more your cup of tea. Or glass of beer. Or whatever.

Well done, Portland. It’s no doubt that 2011 was an amazing year.

Here’s looking forward to an even more eventful 2012. And a very very happy new year to you and yours.

(Image courtesy Mike Krzeszak. Used under Creative Commons.)

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