Data, Culture, Networks, People: Learnings from Etsy, Code for America, and Y Combinator

Portland is lucky to have a bunch of awesome people swinging through all throughout the year. And every once in a while, we’re lucky enough to get one of them to hang out and chat about their experiences.

This time it’s Paul deGrandis, who’s going to share his thoughts on Data, Culture, Networks, People, this Tuesday, February 21, at 6PM.

Paul deGrandis lives for magnificent engineering. Elegant, well-founded, useful solutions to problems that say something about engineering’s beauty. He loves metrics, taking on the impossible, and making lives better through technology. Currently he is the VP of Engineering at Tutorspree (YC). Previously he worked at PushButton Labs, Etsy.com, OurShelf (DreamIt), and SilverCloud Software as well as working in advanced research (DARPA). He’s also contributed, time, money, and effort to Code for America, PyPy, and Clojure.

Urban Airship has been gracious enough to host. So there will be plenty of space. Please try to make this one.

For more information, visit Calagator.

(Image courtesy Anita Hart. Used under Creative Commons.)

  1. Awesome event last night! The depth and insight around networks and process was amazing.

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