What a difference a year makes: Gramfeed goes from two hour project to 2 million visitors

If there’s one thing I love about Portland it’s, our prevailing attitude of “What if…?” What if I took this chunk of technology and did this? What if I mashed this API up with this interesting data source? What if I tried to tweak this thing over here by applying this piece of functionality?

That’s where a lot of the magic comes from. And Gramfeed—a photo viewer built off the popular Instagram service—is just one example of that Portland ingenuity. And a year later, it has an interesting story to tell. To the tune of 2 million visitors.

It was just a year ago, when Gramfeed took advantage of a new Instagram API to build a new view for the popular instant, filter-laden, photo-sharing service.

And what a long strange ride it has been:

Exactly a year ago was when gramfeed.com launched. Instagram had released developer APIs couple weeks prior and I started playing with the APIs and started creating a web interface for Instagram to pretty much do everything that the Instagram iPhone app did on the web. I put together a web interface for Instagram in couple hours over the weekend and launched it.

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  1. Wow! Its awesome to see Gramfeed grow to 2 million users. Kudos Rakshith!

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