Portland is Virgin America’s next stop

When you’re in a startup in Portland, you tend to do a lot of traveling. Because you kind of have to. Especially during March. When it snows.

And what better airline to travel than one that provides inflight wifi on every flight? Well, Virgin America is just such an airline. And they’re adding Portland to their routes.

Not only that, but they did a beautiful little montage of our town. And I always like sharing those.

(Hat tip @mayorrock)

(Image courtesy Sir Richard Branson)

  1. TECHNICALLY, Ian, it’s “VX”– “VA” is V Australia. 😉

  2. What a freaking relief.

  3. This is good news indeed. Hard to take any other airline once you get used to flying VA.

  4. It’s all part of our startup retention program 😉

  5. Thanks for making me nostalgic for home while I work from a hotel room in Boston.

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