Startup innovation: Get your Saturday Night Fever on… on a Friday

Sometimes, I complain that Portland’s aggressive humility prevents the startup scene from pausing, reflecting, and celebrating a little bit. It’s really something I believe we could do more often.

Well, those crazy kids at Urban Airship seem dead set on proving me wrong. To the tune of “Shake Your Booty,” it seems.

It’s been a while since we’ve hosted a pop-up party and we’re getting the itch to Boogie!

Come join us for drinks, light snacks, good conversation and all your favorite disco tunes. No, really. I’m talking KC and The Sunshine Band, Donna Summer, The Jacksons, and the unforgettable BeeGees. C’mon, man, it’ll be fun! Get your booty over here.

Yes, yes. Most of the music predates your birth. I get that. But UA knows how to throw a party. And there are only a few spots left.

So why not take some time to relax on Friday? And revel in what you’ve done, boogie man and/or woman. Things kick off around 5:30 Friday evening. And last until you burn the mother down.

RSVP to the Urban Airship party while there’s still room. That’s right. You better do the hustle.

(Image courtesy brx0. Used under Creative Commons.)

  1. There are old tech guys like me that were teenagers in the seventies.

    This should be fun

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