Cohdoo’s Highlight recognized for best application user interface design by Nielsen Norman Group

Now, you kids might not remember this, but—back the first time we did this who dot com thing—one of the most revered and feared critics around was Jakob Nielsen. It was rare to see anything on his Alertbox blog that garnered favor or kudos for usability.

So, even to this day, when someone gets recognition from Nielsen Norman Group for their design, I think it’s a big deal. Portland’s Cohdoo has done just that.

Software’s real goal should not be to simply process transactions in a system where users are nothing more than data operators who click required buttons to make things happen. Rather, software should work to augment human capabilities, helping us to overcome weaknesses and emphasize our strengths.

A vital way for computers to help users is to direct their attention to a smaller number of important issues instead of overwhelming them with all possible options. For example, BondWorks originally presented 85 attributes of tradable bonds on the search results screen. However, search log analysis showed that nearly three quarters of users were searching on only 10 of the attributes, so the screen was redesigned to focus on those attributes.

And they felt that Highlight (not that Highlight) by Cohdoo managed to do that better than others. So the app was selected as one of the best application user interfaces for this year.

Interested in trying out an app that the guru of usability highlighted as one of the best? Visit Cohdoo Highlight.

  1. Congrats Cohdoo!

    P.S. I still get alertbox.

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