Tag: Usability

Cohdoo’s Highlight recognized for best application user interface design by Nielsen Norman Group

Now, you kids might not remember this, but—back the first time we did this who dot com thing—one of the most revered and feared critics around was Jakob Nielsen. It was rare to see anything on his Alertbox blog that garnered favor or kudos for usability. Read More

Portland’s JanRain instrumental in latest Google OpenID API rollout

I’m quite fond of saying that Portland is the de facto hub of OpenID development. And it’s days like today that make me sound like I actually know what I’m talking about.

Google (maybe you’ve heard of them?) has just announced two new enhancements to the Google OpenID API. And it just so happens that Portland-based JanRain and their RPX solution have come to play a critical role in the announcement: they’re one of the first examples of the new features in use. Read More

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