June 2 is crazy. Crazy awesome that is: Hack for Portland Schools, Portland Code Camp, and VibrantData PDX Hackathon

It’s been a while since we’ve had a pile up of amazing events all in one day. And even though it makes for a difficult decisions, it’s nice to see the level of activity.

So what are you doing on June 2? Attending Hack for Portland Schools, headed to Portland Code Camp, or joining the VibrantData PDX Hackathon?

Still trying to decide? Well here are the summaries.

  • Portland Code Camp 2012 (8AM start): Portland Code Camp brings regional software development professionals together for the opportunity to immerse themselves in seminars, presentations, group exploration, and networking. Participants will be able to engage in their preferred technology, as well as to sample other options, with a focus on extending information exchange and enhancing the cross pollination of ideas.
  • VibrantData PDX Hackathon (8AM start): At this event you’ll pick a particular type of personal data and build an app to show how its value as a personal asset can be enhanced. The app can be mobile, desktop, web or something else.
  • Hack for Portland Schools (10AM start):: In collaboration with the Mayor’s Office and GOOD Magazine, we’re holding a Hack Day to explore how technology can be used to connect Portland’s public schools with neighborhoods and business. Successful ideas will connect Portland citizens to their public schools, and/or engage them in the five ways schools have said would be most useful – a coat, a can, a book, an hour, or a grand. The hack day will conclude with five-minute demos of each team’s projects.

There is no wrong decision. Just go to one or two. Or all three.

(Image courtesy Sebastiaan ter Burg. Used under Creative Commons.)

  1. The person who just caused all their printers to print till they ran out of paper…

  2. Who won the Portland School’s Hackathon?

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