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What’s the big idea? IdeaMensch swings by Portland as part of nationwide summer road trip

Lots of events designed to expand your thinking and encourage you to get going lately. Last weekend, Portland hosted the World Domination Summit. Tonight, IdeaMensch—a blog which features interviews with leading thinkers—comes through town as part of its summer road trip. Read More

Is that a startup idea or are you just happy to see me?

Sometimes the most difficult part about forming a startup is finding the right cofounders to help you get that idea off of the ground. It’s not easy. And even though there are a lot of fish in the sea, finding that special somone—or someones—is always a challenge.

Now, there’s hope.

That’s right folks. It’s that time again. Time for startup speed dating with OTBC. So pack up all of your cheesy pickup lines, all of your cool startup ideas, and a list of the complementary skills you need to make your venture a success. And head over to the OTBC on September 26. Read More

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