Less is more: Parent Hacks launches Minimalist Parenting book and camp

Sometimes, the best way to hack something is to simplify it. Especially when its an incredibly complex system. Like parenting. Now the mother of all parent hacking sites, Portland’s Parent Hacks, is doing just that.

Parent Hacks has partnered with Boston Mamas to create two new resources for modern parents: Minimalist Parenting and Mincamp.

In MINIMALIST PARENTING, Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest offer a fresh approach to navigating all of this conflicting background “noise.” They show how to tune into your family’s unique values and priorities and confidently identify the activities, stuff, information, and people that truly merit space in your life.

The book begins by showing the value of a minimalist approach, backed by the authors’ personal experience practicing it. It then leads parents through practical strategies for managing time, decluttering the home space, simplifying mealtimes, streamlining recreation, and prioritizing self-care. Filled with parents’ personal stories, readers will come away with a unique plan for a simpler life.

And that’s not all. Mincamp is a free way to put that learning into action.

Through a series of 14 daily tasks, you’ll make real progress in the areas many of us find challenging: managing your time, handling clutter (in your home, schedule, and mind), simplifying mealtime, and making room for self-care. Starting March 1, we’ll email you one MinCamp task per day. We’ve crafted each task to make an immediate impact on your life while being doable. At the end of MinCamp, you’ll be on your way to less clutter and more joy!

For more information, visit Minimalist Parenting.

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