Not exactly the Portland hardware renaissance for which we were hoping

Portland has always boasted a diverse group of hackers in town—hardware hackers among them. And with the growing interest, affordability, and accessibility to hardware, I’m convinced that we’re poised to see hardware go through a bit of a renaissance.

Dorkbot PDX, Tindie, Thing Tuesday, Kickstarter—even corporate pursuits from Nike and Jawbone—all point to something special beginning to happen in Portland.

Putting that all aside—and I do mean way, way aside—here’s a little Friday levity that riffs on that renaissance.

  1. Love this. Would we all agree that this is creative advertising from Oreo?

  2. That level of production value feels like it ought to disqualify someone’s application to PIE.

  3. This might be the best thing.

  4. More hipster stupidity. What a waste of time.

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