Coworking in the 'Couve': Prototype offers up shared workspace on the north shore of the Columbia

Having worked in coworking spaces for many years, I can say, with confidence, that there’s only one thing that typically prevents me from using the space as often as I should—the commute. And that’s why I’m excited to hear about a new coworking space that’s going to kill the dread commute for our neighbors to the north. Meet Prototype Coworking.

Located just off of I-5 (or if you’re reading this from California, the 5), the new coworking space promises to be a gathering spot for the growing startup community in Vancouver and surrounding area.

We can no longer rely on our own hard work to successfully build, create, or market new products and services. You need a community that will help you learn, grow with you, and hold you accountable for achieving what you believe in. Prototype is that community.

Prototype is more than affordable office space, we provide a collective environment where you and your fellows learn from each other and provide support. Through our shared values, we are accepting tenants who are looking for you as much as you are looking for them. A community where together we are stronger than we are apart.

For more information, visit Prototype Coworking.

  1. Thanks for sharing! We are really trying to grow this as a sustainable service to our community. Prototype is our coworking MVP and if things go well we have the wherewithal for an even bigger effort to grow #VancouverTech.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Rick! As a Vancouver resident and entrepreneur, I am so excited to have Prototype Coworking right here in the ‘Couve. If you’re looking for an exciting and hard-working community of techies and out-of-the-box thinkers, come join us for an event: https://twitter.com/PrototypeCowork. Stop by my office — I just signed up for a desk 🙂

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