Looking for interesting conversations with Portland personalities? Look no further than Output PDX

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Portland is filled with tons of interesting people. Interesting people who generally—as luck would have it—seem to hide here because they’re not terribly self-promotional. Honestly, that was my inspiration to start Silicon Florist. And now it’s inspired others to start a new video interview show. Meet Output PDX.

Doing business in Portland has given us the unique opportunity to create a forum for exploration with leaders in the community. We have the studio, know great talent, and want to share our conversations with the world.

Every episode, we look at technology, creativity and entrepreneurship in Portland.

Initial guests include advertising agency consultant Peter Levitan, shoe designer and Pensole founder D’Wayne Edwards, and writer and filmmaker John Pavlus. Future guests include the CMO of Planar Jennifer Davis and Geeks Life host Luria Petrucci.

For more information or to catch the first few episodes, visit Output PDX.