Portland’s TechfestNW attracts startups from around the world with PitchfestNW

It wasn’t so long ago when Portland was hungry for a homegrown tech conference that celebrated and showcased the wide variety of technology and startups that call the Rose City home. Over the last few years, TechfestNW has grown from beyond its humble beginnings to be exactly that sort of conference. But they’re not stopping there.

By adding PitchfestNW to its lineup, TFNW has now become a destination for startups from around the world.

With more companies applying this year to attend, up 24% from the previous year, PitchfestNW has accepted a diverse group of companies into the program that incorporate this year’s four main themes: AI/Robotics, Virtual Reality, Lifestyle Tech, and Digital Storytelling.

This year, only 55.56% of applicants are from the Pacific Northwest, which speaks to how Portland is becoming a more robust tech hub in recent years. Eleven companies that applied have their base of operations outside of the continental United States.

TechfestNW takes place March 23-24, 2017. This year, the event will be held at the Portland Art Museum. Tickets are $165 for the two day event.

For more information on the companies and speakers or to register to attend, visit TechfestNW.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder of TechfestNW and I continue to advise on the event, from time to time.]