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TechfestNW PitchfestNW 2020 winner: HILOS

Another TechfestNW is in the books. And with it, PitchfestNW, which has become a quintessential — and international — part of this annual event, albeit virtual this time around. Once the digital dust settled, one company stood apart from the others and it happened to be a local company: HILOS.

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Portland’s first week of December is chock full of startup pitches

Apparently, Portland didn’t get the memo about startup stuff quieting down during the holidays. Because the beginning of December has two major pitch events taking place Pitch Oregon and TechfestNW Pitchfest. And that may be just the thing you need to shake yourself out of your tryptophan induced stupor.

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Procrastinator public service announcement: Your TechfestNW PitchfestNW application is due

Look. I get it. You’re running a startup. You’re juggling a lot of stuff. But here’s the thing. This is a free thing you’re going to miss out on if you don’t act quickly. And who like free stuff? That’s right. Founders who have no money like free stuff. So maybe consider submitting your application to pitch at TechfestNW. For free. But you have to act quickly.

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Procrastinator’s paradise: TechfestNW announces the next round of PitchfestNW startups… and another application period

Do you want procrastinators? Do ya? Because this is how you get procrastinators… TechfestNW was kind enough to open a second application period for PitchfestNW, their annual startup pitch competition, which recently closed. Now, they’ve announced the selections from that batch. But guess what? You can still apply.

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REMINDER: TechfestNW PitchfestNW applications are due January 16, 2019

Wait what? You thought the TechfestNW PitchfestNW applications were due in 2018? Well, they were. But that was only the first group. There’s a second application period. And it ends this week. So if you’ve been procrastinating, you should probably get on completing that application.

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TechfestNW reveals 75 startups selected for PitchfestNW 2019 and opens a second round of applications

I remember when TechfestNW — then called the Portland Digital eXperience — barely had 75 people in the audience. Now they have 75 startups — and potentially more — attending the event to participate in PitchfestNW. And that’s not even the main event.

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Start practicing your 2019 pitch: TechfestNW PitchfestNW 2019 applications are open

Now that you’re all rested up from the long weekend and maybe an overindulgence in tryptophan, it’s time to make that last sprint toward the end of the year. Much of which means preparing for next year. And events. And pitches. So now would be a good time to get that application for TechfestNW PitchfestNW 2019 submitted.

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REMINDER: PitchfestNW applications are due January 12, 2018

It’s a new year. Time to get out there and tell everyone about the awesome company you’re building. And around these parts, there are any number of opportunities to do exactly that. But there’s one chance to take the stage that promises a huge, international crowd of potential investors, partners, and customers: TechfestNW PitchfestNW.

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It’s not too early to think about 2018: TechfestNW PitchfestNW applications due January 9

As a founder, you’re always looking for opportunities to promote your company. And locally, there are few opportunities as big as PitchfestNW, the pitch competition held as part of TechfestNW, Portland’s largest homegrown tech event. Plus, you get a free pass to the event.

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Portland’s TechfestNW attracts startups from around the world with PitchfestNW

It wasn’t so long ago when Portland was hungry for a homegrown tech conference that celebrated and showcased the wide variety of technology and startups that call the Rose City home. Over the last few years, TechfestNW has grown from beyond its humble beginnings to be exactly that sort of conference. But they’re not stopping there. Read More

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