Have an opinion on the Portland tech community? Good or bad, PDXWIT would love to hear it

Portland Women in Tech represents 30% of the Portland workforce. And to help ensure that they continue to focus on issues and efforts that are important to that ever growing constituency and to hear from voices who might not be part of the organization, they’re requesting feedback from the Portland tech community.

This year we are doubling-down on gathering data related to discrimination and harassment — we want to know what it is really like for you in the tech industry. Please share the positives, too; we need to know both good and bad. This new information, coupled with more familiar questions, will give us a new level of understanding to better serve all of you.

“The 2018 State of the Community survey is the only survey of its kind that annually measures the specific challenges our communities faces in Portland’s tech industry,” said Megan Bigelow, president and co-founder of PDXWIT, in a blog post. “The results of this data will allow us to laser-focus our attention on what areas need it most.”

For more information, see the PDXWIT blog post or read Malia Spencer’s coverage. To respond, visit the PDXWIT 2018 State of the Community survey.