From events to signature craft brews, there’s a whole bunch mo’ Mozilla and Firefox around Portland, lately

While Mozilla has been part of the Portland tech community for more than a decade, they didn’t officially open an office here—their first US office outside of Silicon Valley—until five years ago. But with ever growing concerns about privacy and security on the Web, Mozilla has recently started making a lot more noise about their presence in the Rose City—and their Firefox Web browser.

Mozilla events in May

One of the ways Mozilla is making its presence known is with a series of events. They include:

Women’s IRL + Online Self Defense
May 10 (Thursday) at 5:00pm

Hosted at Mozilla’s newly renovated commons at 1120 Northwest Couch St., the makers of Firefox host an online privacy workshop followed by hands-on self-defense training for local women – because online life, is real life. You’ll come away with both a solid workout under your belt and practical self-defense skills that can be used anytime. This is open to non-binary individuals as well. RSVP at https://selfdefensepdx.splashthat.com/

Portland Night Market
May 11-12 (Friday & Saturday)

Firefox is sponsoring this month’s Portland Night Market that takes place in a 108-year-old industrial warehouse off S.E. Alder. Mozillans are giving 1,000 branded, reusable organic bags to vendors and will be the weekend’s sponsor of emerging businesses who are bringing the most interesting products to the local Portland community. Come stroll through the market and get some iconic gear.

Firefox Presents “Shift Control: Live Storytelling at Curious Comedy”
May 17 (Thursday)

Ever made a tough call but knew it was for the best? Taken the road less traveled? Come hear from 5 local storytellers talk about making a hard or controversial choice for the greater good and what followed. The award-winning comedian Deanne Smith will be joining us as our host and headliner! As The Fray once said, “sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.” Sometimes the easy thing is also the right thing, though. Like with Firefox.

This one costs a little money as tickets are $10, and Portlanders can sign up here:

Widmer to craft a signature brew for Mozilla

The last time Portland created a signature craft brew for a tech company, it didn’t pan out in our fiber… err favor. But leave it to plucky Portland to try, try again.

Firefox and Widmer Brothers are teaming up to launch a one-of-a-kind open source beer. We’re going to use your collective feedback and beer preferences to make a beer for the people, by the people. The first version of this brew will be launched in May, with some iterations based on feedback after that.

Best of all, in true Mozilla fashion, the full recipe and brewing process will be open sourced.

If you want to provide some input on the direction, take a few moments to complete the Firefox and Widmer survey. But you have to act fast. The survey closes this Friday, May 4, 2018.